Monday, 30 May 2011


Well, here it goes, my first blog.
This blog's aim is to anonymously describe the world of journalism as I see it. I will be posting about the obvious and apparent injustices in the reporting world, but also to give journalists a little credit where it's due.
A little on me and my credentials, such as they are. I am an intern for a successful journalist, and have had works posted in various high-ranking publications, none of which will be named in this blog. It's unfortunate I can't reveal my employers as it means asking a lot of you, the reader, in the way of trust. I know it's a leap of faith to blindly trust someone who claims to have the answers, but you're doing it already every time you read the news. The stories and tales I tell on this blog will be based entirely on first hand experience, either things I have done or have been asked to do.
Most journalism is as you'd expect, true at the core and dressed up on the exterior, but I hope to shine a light on the more surprising elements; the lies and, perhaps even more surprisingly, the truths.
It's assumed by most intelligent consumers that journalists embellish where possible, but it's rarely assumed that there is an unbelievable amount of ethics involved. Journalist differ from person to person, as do you and I, and I'd like to show the diversity in levels of integrity, ethics, honesty and reliability that can be found in my world.



  1. We need more people who will hold journalists to a higher standard. Welcome to Blogger. ;)

  2. You seem really intelligent, also that you know what you're talking about and not just babbling incoherently like many bloggers do. I'm really looking forward to reading more!

  3. Sounds like serious business. Bring it on boy.

  4. The higher the ethics and the better the quality of reporting, the closer you'll get to something approaching the truth.
    Though, personally, I think Noam Chomsky is right when he talks about "manufacturing consent", and the built-in pro status quo bias of the media.